I heart Kate Spade!

On the weekend, I decided to go to Toronto Premium Outlets in Halton Hills and didn’t really expect much.  When I arrived, I realized, it was an outdoor mall and it was already quite chilly that day!  However, as I was running through, I found AMAZING deals.  At the Hudson’s Bay Outlet there was a Thakoon dress marked down from $1500 to $300!  Madness!  There was a Brooks Brothers Outlet (I’ll have to remember to bring my hubby), Calvin Klein and lots of interesting high end stores.  However, the one store that made me go nuts?  Kate Spade.  I walked by and saw a 50% off whole purchase and lost it.  I ran in and tried on anything that fit me!  I had to control myself!  I ended up with a nice top  and a big tote/diaper bag.  I had been looking for a bag that would fit my gym stuff and other essentials.  Since I ride the subway, juggling multiple bags can be a pain.  



I’ve got a fever! A fever for Fever Clothing!


I came across Fever Clothing (http://www.feverdesigns.co.uk/) a few days ago when I walked into a Toronto store, Girl Friday, and saw this dress.  It looked so perfect.  I had to try it on.  For about $109.00 CAD, it seemed like a worthy purchase, with gold detailing on the bottom half of the dress.  The store only had one left and it was a size 6!  I thought it was going to fit a bit larger but I forgot that UK sizing runs differently!  I could barely get the zipper up…..and I normally wear a size 2 or 4 (size small).  I did some searching and found the site and they do fabulous vintage style dresses that range in themes from tea dresses to the 1940s, 1950s & 1960s! 

Zara, oh how I missed you.


Since my own wedding is finally over, the house renovations, and the master’s degree obtained, I can return to my old shopping habits.  Ah freedom.  Freedom to rest, freedom to shop and freedom (and time) to put outfits together.

I’m heading to a wedding next weekend and I saw this knot back dress by Zara and had to have it.  In Canada, it cost about $79.95 CAD and I wanted to accessorize this dress with something funky and lo and behold, within seconds, I found the Chain, Cord and Stone Necklace at Zara for $39.95 CAD.  Lucky me!


I couldn’t help but visit the Zara site to see if any new items were coming out and as soon as I saw the Bird Print dress, I leaped out of my chair, lamenting that I had just spent money on a huge grocery run!  My husband is reeling in my spending habits so I have to be more selective.  Which one would you have chosen?  The back knot dress with the necklace or the bird print dress?

bird print dress-zara-79-90


As a part of my wedding plans, I’m also planning a book themed reception.  I’m forgoing the flowers and using books as centrepieces!  I’ll have each table themed after a banned or challenged book!  I’ve booked a photo booth and I’m bringing in funny book titles as posing props.  I just got a book titled Extracting Sunbeams from Cucumbers is a Tedious Task (FYI – the title is not reflective of the content, it’s actually an oration).  I was inspired by many blog posts that used books as well as flowers.  I’m going to opt for no flowers for this wedding.




I’ve been MIA for quite some time and part of that reason is that I’m getting married!  I’ve been busy with work, finishing up my MEd and planning a wedding.  By the way, never do all of that in the same year…seriously.  I’ve been going to dress fittings (did I mention I have 3 dresses for the day?) and making DIY details.  My invitations are almost done and I’ll post that soon.  My colour scheme comprises of red, pink and gold.  I would’ve have just had it red and gold but my 2nd dress (church dress) has peachy pink undertones and thus, pink was included.  I’m thinking of Pink and Gold for the ceremony and Red and Gold for the reception.  Either way, Gold is going to be the main colour.


Since gold was my main colour, I found some hot shoes to go with my dresses (I’m posting pictures of the dress later).


I just ordered from BestBridalPrices.com, J. Renee’s gold Rosina shoes!  I believe these shoes will be walkable for me since they are only 3 inches! I’ll show pictures of the actual shoe when I get them.

Nine West Sale!

I’ve been missing in fashion action lately and for good reason.  Note to self, never manage 4 major project in your personal, academic and professional life.  It makes for too much to do and too little time to shop live.  I managed to make a trip to Nine West for a major stress shopping binge and bought two pairs of sandals.  

The first pair is the WalkNTall sandal that pairs well with a bright red crochet dress from urbanoutfitters.  I picked this pair up for about CAN$62.99!



The second pair, which I’m wearing with black shorts, a silk top and black blazer (it looks like I have long legs!).



I have to say.  Nine West shoes are always a 1/2 size too big.  I initially thought it might have been certain designs but after purchasing a few pairs, I believe otherwise. 

Once things settle down and I’m back to my normal non-stressed out and crying self.  I’ll be able to post more often.  I’m heading to a wedding in September, so be on the lookout for a posting on wedding guest fashion!


Loft is coming to Toronto!!!

Finally!  After visiting Chicago and discovering the gems at Loft and Ann Taylor a few years ago, I’ve been itching to get back and raid the racks for goodies!  If you’re looking for office appropriate work wear, Loft and Ann Taylor are the places to start!  The Toronto Star revealed a location would be at the Eaton Centre and Yorkdale.  The Yorkdale location will be opening in late 2012.

I may wait for the curious crowds to die down. I remember when Forever 21 first opened in Toronto and how much of a zoo the store locations were.  Over the years, it’s gotten a little better.  By the way, did I mention that they offer accessories, clothing and shoes?!

While we Torontonians won’t get to experience the summer 2012 collection, we’ll certainly get a taste of fall/winter!  I couldn’t help but peruse the site anyway, check out the clean, professional looks from Ann Taylor:

Ann Taylor Look

Ann Taylor Look 2

Loft ha a more casual feel and style, check out this Palm Leaf print tee:

Palm Leaf Print Tee from Loft