Sony Reader in the run against Amazon’s Kindle?

The New York Times had an article about the Sony Reader, or the Daily Reader (7 inches), a little smaller than the Kindle (9.7 inches).  Owners of the Daily Reader will be able to download e-books for a fee without monthly fees of connectivity charges.  On a more interesting note, the Sony Reader is looking to form partnerships to expand its applications.  More specifically, a partnership with public libraries in the OverDrive Network for the library finder application.  A user will be able to find and download e-books with a valid library card and ZIP code.

Although there is hype around e-book readers and the impending paperless society, I find it hard to believe that e-book readers will replace libraries.  Perhaps I am naive to believe that people value human interaction and tangibility.  Are people really willing to sacrifice the tangible experience for convenience? Perhaps in some respects, e-book readers provides convenience for those who cannot afford the time to visit the library and borrow books.  However, the library will remain relevant in the information landscape as information literacy remains an issue.  In addition, the read-ability of e-books are an issue that will remain as some people experience difficulty reading books on the computer or on a screen.


Williams, S. (2009, August 27). All the news that fits, Sony style. The New York Times on the Web. Retrieved August 28, 2009 from


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