Do they know?

As many universities in Ontario are facing copyright issues, questions and the implementation of the interim agreement, it has become increasing difficult to track how professors are adhering the guidelines.  One of the most notable problems is the posting of PDF versions of articles professors will have for a course in the course management/learning management systems.  As some libraries scramble to educate faculty on how to properly post and adhere to the interim agreement through persistent or permalinks, many professors are asking “how this will affect the way I teach?”  Recently, I had a meeting with a few professors at an Ontario university and the discussion turned to the issue of how copyright in today’s academic environment will alter the way professors teach online and in class.  Many of them were lamenting on the fact that many of their students will complain and have difficulty accessing readings.  However, keep in mind, with chaos, comes opportunity.  This would be an opportunity for librarians to assert themselves in providing instructional support in searching for articles based on citations.  In addition,it would be an opportunity to reach out to faculty and provide support and build a rapport during this time.


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