Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Soo…I was waiting in the doctor’s office and was told the wait was up to 3 hours.  I was perusing a Shoppers drug mart trying to kill time and wanted to purchase a book to read.  My options were extremely limited…romance novel limited.  However, I came across Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and had to decide, did I want to read a novel like this for three hours:

"All He Desires" book cover

"All He Desires" book cover

OR do I want to read a book like this:

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" book cover

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" book cover

In the end, I decided on horror over romance and it was a good choice. I’m not one for the “historical fiction” (ex. Pride and Prejudice with Zombies, Sense and Sensibility with Sea Monsters and etc.) but apparently,  reviewers have mentioned positive things about the way it was written and the historical information (with vampires) that is presented in the book.  Smith did an interesting job of overlaying Lincoln’s story with another story…sort of reminds of Interview with a Vampire.  I thought I would be disgusted and horrified by bloody and gory descriptions but Smith doesn’t over share details which is a bonus for me since I ironically, am scared of vampires but am enamored with every vampire TV show out there (True Blood…waiting really does suck!) Overall, a worthwhile read!  The title really does summarize the plot: Abraham Lincoln + Vampires…need I say more?


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