Technorati – Youtube Video

I’m taking a course at York University for my Master of Education and for a weekly assignment, we had to create and post a Youtube video that we made!  How fun is that?  I do enjoy exploring and using the features in Camtasia, which was used to record the live demonstration.  I recorded the video of me speaking simply using my webcam and placed it within the screencast.  I downloaded a trial version of Camtasia, so if you want to try out the various features, click here.   If you end up liking it but you don’t want to pay $300 for an individual copy, Techsmith (produces Camtasia), also offers Jing, which can also do screencasts, but for the price of FREE, it does not have all the bells and whistles like Camtasia.  However, I’ve used Jing before and I quite like it when I’m trying to explain to a student via E-mail or Live Chat, because the upload is instant and it provides visuals for the person at the other end and as a colleague once said to me, it’s quick and dirty without the pressure to make something perfect.  So if you need screencasts for course specific reasons but don’t want to spend hours upon hours making and perfecting a video, Jing is pretty good at producing something fast.

Here’s my video for EDUC 5860:


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