Blue, white and gold!

It’s been awhile since my last posting and I have way too much to say about academic librarianship but even more about clothes and fashion. My recent obsession with Fashion Television and Raw, as well as the blogs and polyvore and pinterest has me inspired. It’s always so hard to come to work without going over the top but hey, maybe that’s just the person I am. I love clothes and that’s how I express myself and feel confident, through fashion. I’ve decided to start posting my outfits, not only as a way to catalog my outfits but give myself a fashion outlet. I’ve been fortunate to work with a group of fashionistas at the university and I am always inspired by their attention to detail in their accessories and shoes as well as the unique perspectives they have on fashion…this coming out of a group of librarians! So my first post for my outfit is:

blue, white and gold!

Stripe t shirt
€10 –

Layered skirt
10 –

Kenneth Jay Lane flower jewelry
€73 –


Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of black and not enough colours. Shame on me. At work I’m such a two-tone girl (white and black) but I’m hoping to add a little punch to my outfits so I don’t look like a grim reaper! I chose a top with stripes and paired it with a white skirt and navy blue tights. I added a necklace (gold coloured), although the one I’m wearing now is much more elaborate with flowers, pearls and leaves in white or gold. I wanted to pair it with some navy flats but since my last purge (donation of clothing and shoes to shelters), I am missing a good pair of navy blue flats.  I am on the hunt for this pair by Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger Flats

Tommy Hilfiger Flats

A girl can only hope that the store will have her size! *sigh*


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