Use of QR codes for marketing

Do they work? Of course they work but in the marketing sense, do they appeal to the so-called “digital natives” or “techno savvy” youth of today? I’m starting to think, “no.” Why? While QR Codes are a great concept, one that I have used and found pretty handy, most students don’t know what they are or how to read them. A QR code scanner is an mobile app a students would need to download to their phone/tablet, many of them may not even be aware what it is or how to “use it.” I’ve done many contests and prizes and etc. and often, when I look at statistics, QR codes are rarely used. Interesting. We may be overestimating the abilities of our students. While there is no harm to using QR codes in addition to links and other types of access, libraries often tout the use of QR codes, I’d be curious, how successful are they at reaching out to students? Can we rely solely on QR codes in the library if students don’t even know what they are!?

QR code for my blog

QR code for my blog


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