Woke up late and showed up in this.

Ugh. It’s been such an insane week, I haven’t really had time to look through my wardrobe and put together something decent. Even going through Polyvore to find items close to what I’m wearing seems like a hassle since I’m swamped and overwhelmed at work. The only thing I could grab immediately in my closet was a black shirt dress, inkblot rose tights from Anthropologie, my black heels from Aldo and a H&M belt I bought with two birds that hooked at the centre to lock the belt. Hey, it could’ve been worse, in the haze of waking up late and rushing to work a few years ago, I showed up in a tunic that just barely covered my tushie. Thank goodness I was wearing thick wool tights and long boots. That could’ve been a total disaster if I showed up in sheer tights.

December 1, 2011


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