Sick and still fabulous?

Le *sigh*! I’m going to miss my deadline at work, Camtasia keeps crashing on me, it’s snowing and I’m sick! Depsite the bad luck, I managed to pull together something…more importantly, something warm. I’m battling a cold and I’m here at work. Bad idea. I’ve got Advil on hand to handle the headaches and pain but It’ll only get me through 3 hours! Let’s hope the warm hot chocolate I bought will make me feel better. I have on a simple tank top with a black cardigan. Thank goodness for my shoe drawer at work or else I’d be in thick warm boots all day. My shoe drawer is supposed to hold paper files but I’ve re-purposed it to be my shoe drawer at work to change from boots to heels. Hahaha…Once the summer comes though, I may turn it into an accessories drawer! LOL! Anyway, Exams are over for the students soon and holidays are coming up. I’m way behind on my shopping and card writing so hopefully, I can catch up…after I write that 20 page paper. Can someone play the world’s tiniest violin for me? haha…I’m kidding!

December 9, 2011

J Crew v neck tank
£230 –

Long sleeve top
£45 –

Rich & Skinny denim skinny jeans
$71 –

Bow pumps


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