Mission finish Xmas list is in FULL EFFECT!…Uh…almost…

OMG! OMG! OMG! Sales are happening already? I was at Vaughn Mills Mall yesterday scrambling to cross off the last few people on my list. I was lucky that the mall was not busy (phew!).  Of course, put a shopaholic in a mall and what do you get? Two new sweaters from Joe Fresh, leg warmers and a beret from American Apparel. Oh, and gifts for friends and family. haha! I got the sweaters for $14.95 (mustard yellow and a light grey) which were originally $29.

I think some pearls with a bow detail in velvet ribbon or lace ribbon will add a little pizazz to a regular sweater.  I got a size S and I found it a bit loose, for a tighter fit, I say get an XS.

Other items in the mix were leg warmers and a beret.  Let me tell you, never ever put a wool beret in the washer!  I did it by accident and got little balls of wool and bumps all over my hat but now I have a new one and it fits perfect!  It covers my ears and keeps me warm.  I got it in black to go with my black jackets.  

That was a practical purchase!  I swear.  Another practical purchase..seriously, hear me out!  Is the leg warmers from American Apparel.  I wear dresses to work and so often, my long jackets don’t cover up my knees and such.  So to avoid the freezing cold (it’s coming soon)…I bought some leg warmers to go over my tights for when running from my car to the building.  Seriously! It’s a Practical Purchase!!!  I got it in black.

Okay, recovering shopaholics, you’ll be proud to know, I avoided purchasing a dress at FCUK which would really serve the purpose of fulfilling my need for dresses.  Gosh I love dresses.  FUCK had a sale! Well most stores did and it took every ounce of strength in me to avoid going crazy and buying bags and bags of stuff that probably would not fit in my bursting closet of clothes.  Thank you conscience in the scolding voice of my boyfriend.  You save me from a beautiful dress (*tear*).

I tried on this dress at FCUK.  It was selling for $99.99 and was originally $298.00:

I tried on the blue coloured version.  Looks very beautiful (oh gosh, I want to go back and get it…no!  Hold strong!) but the fit is loose.  I tried on a size 2 and found that it was really loose around the stomach, I normally prefer dresses that have a tighter waist line, only because as shapeless woman, I need a little help with creating “curve-age” (yes, made up word).   Putting a belt over it, would cover up the beautiful beading around the waist so I decided against it.

A few days ago, I was at the Eaton Centre’s FCUK and saw this coat:

LOVE it.  But not $398.00 love it.  So I’ll hover around until boxing day and see what happens.  Although, I may be gunning for a pink lace skirt I saw at Joe Fresh.  It’s just too cute and too me to pass up!


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