J. Crew Item Review

It’s here! It’s here!  Christmas came early in the form of a UPS package from J. Crew.  I got such great deals for J. Crew items.  So the first items I tore open were the resin bangles.  Regretting the fact that I didn’t measure my wrists and comparing it with the measurements on the site.  I’ve got tiny wrists and these bangles fit large.  The black one is roughly 3″ while the dark yellow is roughly 2-1/2″.  Although they fit a bit large on me, they stay on fine and the design/details are beautiful, which is no surprise considering it was LuLu Frost for J. Crew.  LuLu Frost is a jewelery brand based in New York, very interesting designs and beautiful bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

For the life of me, I can’t remember the original cost but I remember paying CA$32.55 for the dark yellow resin bangle, with the original price being in the $50s range while the black resin bangle’s original price was in the $100+ range and getting it for CA$81.20

The other items were two tops.  I have an affinity for anything made from silk.  I selected a size 4 and I’m normally a size 2 as a safety precaution only because it’s my first time shopping, I always go a size up.  It fits a little loose but with a blazer or cardign with a belt, it can be worked into an outfit.

My first top, which I absolutely adore, is the first to be reviewed:

This is a petite Natasha Top made of silk.  The original price: $102.00.  Yowza.  Not for me though, I got it for CA$56.35!

Second top that I was on the fence about but worked out is a top in a unique green colour, the Suzette blouse:

Great deal on this item!  Again, made with silk and comes with a tank top underneath since the top is see-through.  Original price: $152.00 but for me?  I got it for CA$58.09.

I had hovered online on the J. Crew site and saw these shoes and wanted them.  Until I saw the price: $376.00…Yikes.  I bought it for CA$161.70!!!

I’m quite pleased with the items I got.  I think having had experience choosing sizes and selecting tops, shoes and jewelery, I’ll be ready.  My next attempt may be a skirt!

Did I mention, I got FREE SHIPPING!!!


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