Why I watch girly shows…

I am a little ashamed to say, even as a woman nearing my 30s, I absolutely enjoy watching shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Ringer, Project Runway and Sex and the City.  Why do I watch these shows when I could be watching a documentary or something intellectually stimulating?  For the simple reason of…I need outfit ideas!  Much of my inspiration comes from reading other fashion blogs, Fashion Television and shows that pay mind to a characters outfits and style.  Just last week, I was watching PLL and saw one of the characters, Aria, in this little outfit:


I was in love.  I found the top through eBay (it was an older top from Anthropologie), bought right away and immediately planned my outfit but I just couldn’t get over how awesome the wardrobe person styled Aria’s outfit.  So I put together something for my reference:

PLL - Aria Inspired from CTRL A Episode


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