Spring/Summer 2012 Trends

Hi ho everyone! I’ve been eagerly awaiting for the spring summer 2012 collection to be in full effect. I can still see a few winter collections lingering but I’m very excited for the new trends to hit stores. There are five trends I’ll be eying when I hit the shops this spring and summer:

1. Neon Yellow

Neon Yellow

Hard to pull off but a pop of neon yellow in an outfit can make it interesting, no need to go overboard but accessories, or even stripes in a top can be paired with a black pant or skirt.

2. Colours Galore!

Colours Galore

I’m sure you’ve all observed, colours are the spring and summer trend, with jeans taking the lead on it. Even American Eagle, the Gap and many others are jumping on the coloured jeans craze. Orange can be seen in many spring and summer collection, whether as a dress or a sweater. It’s a hard colour to pull off and I can imagine, for those who tan, orange may be a colour you may want to avoid.

3. Lace


Lace by svong featuring a lace skirt

No surprise here. I’m a huge fan of lace. You can be sexy or sweet with lace and in my case, I have many white lace dresses, which I accessorize with floral and pink accessories. Any black lace that appears in my closet is usually a panel or a hint of in a top to avoid over sexualizing my outfit.

4. Colour Block

Colour Block

I’ve seen all types of colour blocking but in all honesty, not all of it works well. Be careful in choosing the colours. I tend to choose items with 2-3 colour blocks. In addition, I carefully examine the choice of colours and how it goes with my pants and skirts. I would go much more demure with the pants and skirt if you choose to wear a colourful colour block top. In the case of the dress, keep the accessories simple as to not overwhelm the outfit. Metallic accessories or jewellery works well.

5. Aztec


I am currently obsessed with the Aztec inspired prints. Anthropologie had some great selection on Aztec inspired dresses and skirts but I’m seeing more aztec inspired items in stores like Zara and H&M. An Aztec top or skirt should always go with something simple, pairing prints with aztec (another print) would be overwhelming. An Aztec dress can be worn with a simple brown sandal and purse.


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