Falling off the wagon…

Oh sigh! How I wished I was able to contain myself and not buy anything this weekend but I relapsed and went on a mini spending spree. I’m frustrated and disappointed with myself. My friend was right, working downtown does not help! I managed to find three pieces I really liked:

Ecote Suede Shoes via Urban Outfitters:

Ecote Suede Shoe

Ecote Suede Shoe

Warning to those interested in the shoe, there are no half sizes, if you are a 7-1/2 like me, I would recommend an 8 instead of a 7.  I had my shopping goggles on and when you do, you tend to feel or think the smaller size fits just fine in the store.  When I got home, the shoes was tight in the front.

Pink Pleated Dress from Zara:

Pink Pleated Dress by Zara

Pink Pleated Dress by Zara

I saw this lovely dress after work one day and just had to have it.  It’s a cute dress but could be overkill if I wear a headband with a bow.  I bought a size S and it fits pretty well, it’s not too tight or loose.  I’m most likely going to wear this dress with a cardigan and my mary janes.

In addition to these pieces, I also found a lovely mustard top (one size) at Durumi.  Unfortunately the store does not have images but I’ll be posting a picture of me in the top soon!


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