Affordable “vases”…

I came across this post by Sadie & Dasie (click here) and was inspired to use bottles as a vase for flowers.  At the moment, I can’t afford to scour antique shops for bottles (darn!) but I was able to scrummage through my boyfriend’s cabinets and found a mason jar, a mason jar mug and a jam jar.  I happily took them to my office and found some flowers to fill.

Mason Jars with Flowers

Mason Jars with Flowers

I chose some pretty flowers including an almond blossom (pictured on the left):

Flowers in Mason Jars

Flowers in Mason Jars

I was so inspired by flowers today, I even pinned a coral coloured flower from H&M (CAN$4.95) to my cardigan. I nice pop of colour for a warm day! Rumour has it, it will be 20+ C degree weather!

H&M Pin (CAN $4.95)

H&M Pin (CAN $4.95)

From what I remember, the pink came in, at least, four different colours. My memory fails me but I do remember seeing a light pink one…Anyway, they were at the H&M at the Toronto Eaton Centre. Cheers!


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