Suddenly in love…

It wasn’t love at first sight with this shoe, but I kept seeing it around and finally tried it on.  It was a sexy pair of shoes but I kept debating on whether or not I really needed another pair of heels.  The first time I tried it, I tried a 7.5 at one Nine West location in Scarborough.  It fit a bit loose (even with my thick tights) around the ankle and I had the buckle on at the tightest.  I decided to wait another few days before I considered buying the shoe to ensure it wasn’t my impulsive shopping kicking in.  Well, it was a Friday and I was relaxing after work by window shopping and I had to try it again (this time I was tights-free).  The friendly sales person couldn’t find a 7.5 (apparently this shoe is flying off their shelves) but suggested I try the size 7 because apparently Nine West tends to design the shoe 1/2 size larger than most.  I perused the web via my iPhone and saw many postings on Nine West shoes being a bit larger.  I gave it ago and I had to have it!  So now I’m drooling over my new pumps!

Maximal Shoe by Nine West (7.5)

Maximal Shoe by Nine West (7.5)

I absolutely adore these heels. However, warning to those with wider feet (me included).  The front of the shoe is very narrow, so you’ll see and feel a bit of spillover when you have the shoe on.  I mentioned this to the sales person and she noted that yes, the shoe’s front is designed a bit narrow and I will spill over a bit but that it was just the way shoe was designed.  Since I won’t be running any marathons with these shoes, I was happy just to have them for special occasions and work.  The damage? About CAN$147  (with taxes included).

Maximal Nine West (CAN $147)

Maximal Nine West (CAN $147)


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