I’ve been MIA for quite some time and part of that reason is that I’m getting married!  I’ve been busy with work, finishing up my MEd and planning a wedding.  By the way, never do all of that in the same year…seriously.  I’ve been going to dress fittings (did I mention I have 3 dresses for the day?) and making DIY details.  My invitations are almost done and I’ll post that soon.  My colour scheme comprises of red, pink and gold.  I would’ve have just had it red and gold but my 2nd dress (church dress) has peachy pink undertones and thus, pink was included.  I’m thinking of Pink and Gold for the ceremony and Red and Gold for the reception.  Either way, Gold is going to be the main colour.


Since gold was my main colour, I found some hot shoes to go with my dresses (I’m posting pictures of the dress later).


I just ordered from BestBridalPrices.com, J. Renee’s gold Rosina shoes!  I believe these shoes will be walkable for me since they are only 3 inches! I’ll show pictures of the actual shoe when I get them.


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