M-learning in the library

"iPhone 4 - 12" By Ariane Colenbrander via Flickr - Creative Commons

Since getting a shiny new iPhone 4, I have been obsessing over apps and all the nifty features available to me for free or at a price.   On my recent trip to Buffalo, I forgot to bring a map but whadya know, the iPhone 4 rescued me from driving around in circles!  Gosh, I love my iPhone.  What I love most?  Being a participant, suddenly QR codes, texting contests and the mobile community became accessible to me.  Suddenly, cell phone cover stands were more noticeable and the latest news on apps and programs seemed more interesting and engaging.  I’ve either been brainwashed by Apple or the iPhone really is that great.

Ack!  Here I am rambling about the iPhone when I meant to blog about m-learning or mobile learning in the library.  Well, now that I am a part of the Mobile community, I definitely notice the need for libraries to jump in and take advantage of a new access point.  QR codes and mobile friendly website formats could be the difference from creating a sense of place rather than space.  As heard through the students at the Future of Academic Librarianship Symposium, the library seems to be viewed as a study space.

Mobile learning could also be pretty handy in the classroom.  Some times librarians are teaching in a classroom without computers, well with resources like polleverywhere, librarians can forgo the clunky clicker technology and get live results on polls simply by asking students to text their answers.  In the case that students don’t have a mobile device, they can send a tweet and that gets added to the poll.

M-learning can afford many new opportunities for the library to reach out to the Net Gen and create a more engaging space in the library!  I for one, am interested in seeing how M-learning will translate in the library environment!