Zara, oh how I missed you.


Since my own wedding is finally over, the house renovations, and the master’s degree obtained, I can return to my old shopping habits.  Ah freedom.  Freedom to rest, freedom to shop and freedom (and time) to put outfits together.

I’m heading to a wedding next weekend and I saw this knot back dress by Zara and had to have it.  In Canada, it cost about $79.95 CAD and I wanted to accessorize this dress with something funky and lo and behold, within seconds, I found the Chain, Cord and Stone Necklace at Zara for $39.95 CAD.  Lucky me!


I couldn’t help but visit the Zara site to see if any new items were coming out and as soon as I saw the Bird Print dress, I leaped out of my chair, lamenting that I had just spent money on a huge grocery run!  My husband is reeling in my spending habits so I have to be more selective.  Which one would you have chosen?  The back knot dress with the necklace or the bird print dress?

bird print dress-zara-79-90


What to wear with my beige blazer?

Over the weekend, I saw the cutest statement necklace at ALDO and I had to get it! As soon as I left the store, I thought, what could I wear this necklace with?!!? One thing led to another and before you know it, I was buying a beige blazer, some skinny pants and a jersey dress! I’ve noticed a bit of contrast in stores lately where the colours go from baby pink/beige to bright tangerine! Word has it, it’s going to be a hot summer, let’s hope my office/home will be air conditioned, I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull off sweaty and gross in a blazer.