Tenure for academic librarians

snapshot of job description for a permanent job


Permanence! Tenure! Permanence! Tenure!  If only I had permanence or tenure, that’s what every new wide eyed newly graduated aspiring academic librarian.  Articles in College and Research Libraries by Best & Kneip and Coker, vanDuinkerken & Bales.  I’ve been drooling over job descriptions with the words PERMANENT or TENURE TRACK.  However, I recently have been pondering about what happens next after you get that tenure track job?  How do you go about meeting the requirements?  Have I been prepared enough in library school to do research, publish and present at conferences?  Luckily, my strength tends to lie in presentations and I have been lucky enough to present sessions (all this year) at OLA twice (session) , WNY ACRL spring conference (poster only) and WILU in June (session).  Although my weaknesses lie in publishing papers (my current goal for the summer).  The process of submitting and finding the right journal really has been a trial and error process.  Luckily, I’ve been fortunate enough to have my colleagues mentor me in this respect in my current e-learning librarian position (thank goodness!).  However, I’ve been thinking about advice one librarian provided in passing…for the tenure process, you don’t necessarily need to be fabulous at everything (presentations, professional activities and publishing), you can be strong in one respect and still get tenure.  I really do wonder is this true?