Wedges – Cheap looking or classy touch?

I had a discussion with a friend of mine about wedges a few weeks ago.  I had agreed that wedges can look cheap and clunky and look awkward on most people.  However, a few days ago, I noticed a woman in wedges get on the subway train in coach wedges:

Coach Wedge

She had paired the wedge with her work outfit, a crisp shirt and a high waisted pencil skirt. She pulled it off nicely and avoided looking like a “beach bimbo.”  The conclusion I came to was that wedges were fine, as long as they were not exaggerated.  For example, these sandal wedges are fun, flirty and most of them are work appropriate:

Wedges (Do)
However, chunkier wedges may come off too casual:
Wedge - Don't
It’s almost like bandage dresses, just because it looks great on a model, doesn’t mean it works in real life.  I’ll be looking for the perfect wedge this summer to pair with some shorts and a striped top.