Online Shopping

Does your wallet need a workout? Here are some sites worth visiting for some one-of-a-kind pieces or statement items or just some functional work clothes.

Alice + Olivia

Looking for expensive designer duds (US$100-US$500+)?  Alice + Olivia gives some fresh and young varieties in dress, tops and jeans.  Sorry Canadians (including me), no international shipping yet but if you’re living in the U. S. of A., shipping is via Fedex and price for shipping ranges from FREE to $25.00 depending on how fast you need your items!


UK online retailer with a lot of unique finds and designs. I have yet to order from this site (will soon!) but have seen great reviews from other bloggers!

Bauble Bar

Unique jewellery pieces that can be organized by design (metal vs. fringe).  They ship internationally through (generate a US address which they ship to and the company forwards it to your international address).


Even though this website is geared towards brides, the accessories are absolutely fabulous.

Collective Habit

I’m so jealous of Americans right now.  They only ship to the US, Alaska and Hawaii and items range from $60 to over $300.  Laid back and hipster chic collection.

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins offers some interesting variety with a Forever 21 vibe with a much higher pricing.  Great selection for casual, fun and flirty tops and dresses.


Offers an array of accessories and shoes online.  Ships to Canada and offers expedited shipping.


Beautifully crafted pieces by a community of people with the same thing in mind, “making stuff is cool!”  I’ve purchase a couple of items and delivery is reliable, service and responses can vary depending on the artist, in one case, I had no response for a question (for two years now) and in some cases, I got an e-mail confirmation and a received shipment in 2 weeks from the U. S.

Forever 21

Not the best place to shop for work clothes but for separates, yes!  When I want to add a little punch to a formal skirt and blazer, I look for a colour piece with details and Forever 21 offers an affordable array of tops in various textures  including chiffon, cotton and satin.

Fred Flare

Looking for fun gifts or funky trinkets, Fred Flare has hilarious gifts for those with a sense of humour.

I don’t like Mondays

J Crew

I always thought everything at J Crew was expensive until I stumbled upon their online store out of curiosity!  They offer J Crew Factory, which has more affordable prices.  Shipping is speedy and selection on sale items is diverse.  They ship via UPS to Canada.

Last Call by Neiman Marcus

Amazing designer finds.  If you are from the US, you’ll have no problems ordering online.  However, for Canadians, you will have to place your orders via phone.  However, I’ve ordered online via “Online Chat” with a very friendly online operator.  For those librarians out there, FYI – they use LivePerson!


Fun, colourful and spicy dresses, tops and accessories. I always come here when I’m looking for a summer wedding dress that’s playful and fun.  Delivery is reliable and the quality is good depending on the item.


If you like Alexa Chung, you’ll like the line of clothing by Madewell, hipster chic.


Vintage inspired dresses, house and apartment trinkets and not your average shoes.  If you’re looking for any of these items, Modcloth is a good place to start.  I’ve purchased some interesting accessories the past year and a few dresses, quite a reliable site and delivery to Canada can be 2-3 weeks.


Designer items set at very high prices that the average person can’t pay.  However, if you love designer and can afford it, they offer some interesting and diverse designs.


Looking for designer items?  Peruse the Nordstrom online store.  Now shipping to Canada. A major dent in the wallet with items ranging from the hundreds to the more than a thousand.


Do you live in the US or the UK?  Lucky for you, this online store ships to locations in the aforementioned countries.  SUPER JEALOUS as the selection of dresses range from cute to vintage inspired and offer a colourful and youthful selection.  I am patiently waiting for Canada to be on the ship to list!

The Outnet

Love designer and can’t pay the prices?  I hear ya!  The Outnet is brought to you by the same people behind Net-A-Porter. Imagine a Dolce & Gabbana skirt that retails at over US$1000, for the price of $355 (That’s roughly 65% off).  They ship via DHL (1-2 days) for $24.95 (not including tax).

Pink Mascara

Offers a variety of clothing and accessories at reasonable prices.  Ships internationally!


If you’re looking for bohemian vintage, shop at Ruche!


If you’re looking for high end items, or obscure items, Shopstyle is a good place to look.  I found the Heather flats by Tommy Hilfiger in the grey with pink detailing for sale that was practically non-existent from Markham to Toronto!  If you don’t want to go through stores that only care particular stock, Shopstyle  gives a listing of items and links to the stores that carry the items.  Think of it as a directory to fashion finds.

South Moon Under

I came across this site when looking for Lauren Conrad’s Paper Crown line.  Quite a pricey range but some interesting items.

Spool Number 72

I stumbled on this site after clicking on a link in Pinterest.  Offers interesting vintage looking or inspired tops and dresses with reasonable pricing.  I have to warn you, if you see an item you like, act fast, limited quantities and high demand have certain items selling out fast!

Stella and Dot

If you’re looking for statement pieces, this online jewellery and accessories store offers some great selection.  Ships to Canada via Purolator with a flat rate of about $15 to selected provinces (Quebec seems to be excluded).


If I had to choose, I would choose to purchase things in store.  The sizing ranges greatly with some items designed to be larger than normal  (case in point, a dress I purchased as a S (2-4) that fit like a M(6-8).  However jewellery and other trinkets are in good condition.  Word to the wise, please read the reviews before purchasing, very helpful.

Yes style

Be wary for those who require a larger fit of clothes.  I’m a size 2 and some purchases I’ve made for my size run quite small.  However, when you check the measurements displayed and know your fit of clothes for different cuts (ex. For me, I order A-line skirts in a size 4 instead of 2), you can find some real gems.


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